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The Story So Far

Outdoor College emerged at Brown Rock Woodland and from the demand for a skilled, experienced and knowledgable community and workforce that can help integrate new approaches to food, land management and health. 

The team is passionate about the future of our young people and ensuring they have exciting and modern occupations that encourage sustainability for people and the environment.  

Outdoor Learning is at the heart of all we do. Helping the learner have great experiences that bring them into connection with natural environments, with natural foods and with a natural lifestyle that brings health and wellbeing. 
We put the learner at the very heart of their programme and offer hands on experiences that will stimulate discussion, team work, skill development, challenges and fun.   
We see education as at the heart of a necessary change and seek to equip young people with resilience and skills to navigate modern life, changing employment opportunities and climatic changes.

We have developed a 1 year Study Programme designed for students with an interest in working in the outdoors to equip them with the practical skills and self knowledge to find a career path in which care for people and care for the land are central.

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