About Outdoor Learning

'There is clear evidence that outdoor learning has a positive impact on young people, and when that learning is of high quality the impact can be life changing.'

High Quality Outdoor Learning Publication 

The English Outdoor Council. 

'There is now a substantial body of evidence which tends to demonstrate a positive association between learning which takes place in the natural environment and delivery of a diverse range of learning processes and outcomes, including cognitive outcomes and attitudinal, social and developmental outcomes in people of all ages.'


Links between natural environments and learning:

Natural England and University of Exeter

10 Key Outcomes for Outdoor Learning 

1 Enjoyment

2 Confidence and character

3 Health and well-being

4 Social and emotional awareness

5 Environmental awareness

6 Activity skills

7 Personal qualities

8 Skills for life

9 Increased motivation & appetite for learning

10 Broadened horizons