Holistic Land Based Studies- 1 year programme

Key Info and dates

Delivery Mode:   3 days a week
Duration:              1 Year

Course Type:       16-19

Level:                     2
Location :             Tickenham, N.Somerset
Start Date:            06/09/2021

Our 1 year study programme, starting in September 2021, is designed for students with an interest in working outdoors, to equip them with the practical skills and self knowledge to find a career in which care for people and for the land are central.  With life skills, study skills and pastoral care at the heart our curriculum, we offer a student centred approach which can enable students to navigate life and their career paths with resilience and environmental consciousness. 


With both classroom taught and practical skills based opportunities for learning, much of our course is based an outdoor environment.  Students will work alongside tutors and those working in land based enterprises.  Study visits, work experience and a residential trip will be included in the trip.   

Our course is designed to offer steps forward in studies and towards new emerging career pathways. 

  • With hands on experience you will learn skills and knowledge in how to grow food from soil care to cultivation

  • Learn skills and knowledge in forestry, woodland crafts and conservation land care

  • Learn skills and knowledge in nature based approaches to health and social care

What will you learn

Land Management and Conservation

Develop the learning,  practical skills and knowledge necessary to start to manage a woodland. 

  • Introduction to environmental conservation

  • Skills for establishing and maintaining a woodland

  • Woodland products and crafts


Learn the practical skills and knowledge necessary to grow food. Go through the yearly cycle of food growing with hands on experience and learn about:

  • Organic horticulture

  • Cultivating composts and soils

  • Preparing soils for growing and  planting

  • Growing plants for food

  • Pests, disease and weed control in organic hortiulture

Green Care

Develop the knowledge, experience and skills for workign with people's health and wellbeing in natural settings. 


  • Introduction to green care and nature based interventions

  • Relationship between the environment and human helath and wellbeing

  • Contribute to supporting group care activities (green care focus)

Entry Requirements

To be accepted onto this course, you must have:

A Grade 4 or higher in GCSE Maths OR English, and 3 additional GCSE’s at Grade 3 or above

Further study options

Organisations and businesses providing organic Vegetable training

Forestry and Arboriculture courses taught at Level 3 and above

Level 3 and above Forestry Commission Apprenticeship

 The National Coppice Apprenticeship Scheme

Ben Law’s Apprentice Scheme

Small Woods Association course

Health and Social Care courses taught at Level 3 and above at various colleges and universities in the Uk  

Level 3 in Green Care and Eco-Psychology see Natural Academy

Career options

Possible careers you could enjoy by pursuing work in this sector

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