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All our team are experienced, qualified, and supported to deliver excellent and safe health and learning experiences outdoors.  They are here to support you. 


Adrian Brooks


Adrian is the land owner and co-founder of Outdoor College. 

He is passionate about creating an engaging and stimulating environment to allow people to maximise their potential. 

Adrian’s project management skills have been readily transferable in setting the objectives and goals for the Outdoor College.

Adrian is acutely aware that individuals, groups and communities need to be inspired towards positive change that will help us all live, learn and work as well as we can, sustainably, happier and in greater harmony with our natural environment. 

As you would expect, Adrian likes nothing better than being in the outside, be that with his family or just on his own, sat in his favourite quiet spot. 

Larissa Fry


Larissa is an educator with a particular interest in supporting people to find out who they are, to understand themselves, and to be happy with themselves. She uses her wide skill-set and deep embedding in the natural world to facilitate this. With extensive experience teaching and facilitating both inside in school settings and outside in nature, she puts the learner at the heart of their learning experience. She has spent over fourteen years working across primary, secondary, mainstream, special needs and with excluded children and young adults.

At Outdoor College she tutors several courses including ‘Learn and Grow Well’ and ‘Holistic Land-Based Studies’, as well as being involved with ‘Woodland Wellbeing’ and the Community Days.

As We Are Nature she runs ‘Women in the Woods’, ‘Crafty Woodlanders’ Forest School, offers 1:1s in personal development and makes, teaches and performs with the Native American style flute. She also offers Mentoring and Tutoring for young people who have been let down by the formal education system. She works with people from pre-school through to adults.

She is a nature-lover, Qi-Gong practiser, musician, crafter, lifelong learner, mother and wife.

Stephanie Sharkey

Communications & Events Coordinator

Stephanie is a wildlife enthusiast with a passion for connecting people with nature. With a background in photography and wildlife conservation she is now passionate about improving the health of people and wildlife through the use of the 5 pathways to nature connectedness. She believes that everyone would benefit from spending more time in nature and we all might have our own specific way of connecting to nature in order to really feel the benefit. For her, photography, painting and embroidery have proved a great help as they help her focus on the details, beauty and wonder of the natural world. She is an auntie, hiker, and birder.

Rhiannon Marshall

Tutor and Market Garden

Rhiannon is an organic vegetable farmer and gardener and has been involved with a variety of community land skill projects. She begun developing her horticultural skills as a cut flower farmer in Wiltshire. After completing an RHS level 2 qualification in practical horticulture she went on to work at The Community Farm, where she pursued her passion for farming and food production. The farm is also heavily focused on community engagement centred around reconnecting people with their food system. She is keen to develop bidoverse agroecological farming methods, innovative soil health practices and continue to work with the community to sharing skills and experiences.


Janice Gardiner


Janice is a director of Outdoor College and has worked in nature conservation for 30 years. She is experienced in project development and enjoys bringing people together to grow ideas and create new opportunities. She believes the restoration of nature and the health and happiness of people are intertwined and new ways of working are vital to achieving both.

Trained in ecology and nature conservation, she is experienced in land management, particularly in relation to wildflower grasslands and urban habitats. Having worked in London and Avon, reconnecting people to nature has always been at the heart of her work. In recent years, she led the Community and Wellbeing team at Avon Wildlife Trust and worked closely with Natural Academy to develop a Nature and Wellbeing programme.


Micheal Connors


Michéal is co founder of Outdoor College. He is an educationalist with a special interest in outdoor learning and nature connection. He has led different learning areas in FE colleges in London and the South West. In the past 10 years he has been focussing on outdoor learning thorugh The Natural Academy which offers adults opportunities to develop careers in Green Care, Nature Health & Wellbeing and Ecotherapy.  As an eco-psychologist, mountain leader, author and holistic health and wellbeing professional he has over 25 years of experience of education, training and facilitation of learning. He is a qualified psychotherapist, supervisor and FE lecturer.  He has been working in the health sector for the past 12 years developing self-care services for people with cancer and with long-term conditions.   He is a musician, poet, song writer, Father and Grandparent. 

Rhonda Brandrick


Rhonda is a nature-based practitioner, supervisor, counsellor, teacher, author and nature vision quest guide. She brings a wealth of experience from her many years of working with the heath, healing and wellbeing of people individually and in groups. With her deep curiosity about our human-nature reciprocal relationship with the earth and our on-going personal and collective development within this, she has been apprenticing as a wilderness guide with Animas Valley Institute and Bill Plotkin for the past 5 years. She is dedicated to helping nature-based practitioners develop the skills and knowledge to work with people and also for them to have access to the support they need to work optimally with their participants.  Rhonda loves dancing, Samba drumming, dream working and is a Mother and Grandmother.

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